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Another Value to your Fruit & Vegetables Business

Your new partner in the selection, sales and distribution of quality fruit and vegetables.

There is a new way of conceiving fruit and vegetables: let us guide you.

Fruit Value inherits the experience of a large fruit and vegetable group to lead the most ambitious B2C companies on a new path of storytelling, sales and product enhancement.

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a pile of oranges


We carefully select the specific production areas of oranges from the best European regions and cultivate decades of valuable relationships with the best producers to give you different types of oranges, packaged in different formats (also on request).

a pile of lemons


Selected, checked and packed directly by our group, Fruit Value lemons are special and are perfect to impress your supermarket customers.



We supply our customers with quality grapes and handle them with the delicacy this product requires, preserving their quality from harvest to packaging.

a pile of nectarines


When the nectarine season arrives, Fruit Value can provide you with an excellent quality product and bring it to your store windows in an efficient and optimised manner.

a pile of peaches


We select different types and sizes of peaches to guarantee the explosion of taste and quality that your customers deserve. Fruit Value is at your side to bring white and yellow peaches from the best farmers directly into your store.

a pile of peaches

Flat peach

This particular peach can offer an excellent yield in your shop and guarantee good standards of saleability: we select them from the best growers and supply them in different types of packaging.



Beautiful and good, the pomegranate can be offered and sold in different ways. We take care of giving you all the tools to distribute it in the best possible way: from the right quality control to the choice of packaging and presentation methods

a pile of grapefruits


Cousins of oranges, excellent allies in the store: fruit value grapefruits are not only beautiful and good, they are selected from the best producers and checked daily to provide excellent quality.

a pile of mango


This tropical fruit has found an excellent audience in stores all over Europe: that is why we want to give you the best value by selecting and handling it properly.

a pile of avocado


We select the best avocados and supply them in different sizes and types, to best express our philosophy of product value. We are available to tell you about the process of importing and handling this particular category!

a pile of ananas


Different qualities, different packaging, different delivery methods. From product shipped by ship, to the incredible taste of pineapple by air: your customers will be amazed by the quality of Fruit Value brands.

a pile of asparaguses

Green asparagus

One of Fruit Value's most interesting products is green asparagus: always fresh, selected from direct and specialised suppliers and managed properly to ensure a quality supply and a long shelf life in your store.

a pile of cherries


Picked and handled daily, checked and selected by our team to guarantee the best for your customers: Fruit Value cherries are the ideal solution for the most demanding stores. Supplied in different packaging types and sizes

a pile of pears


Fruit Value's comprehensive and guaranteed choice allows you to select the best pears for your store. Available in different sizes and sizes, even customised.

a pile of watermelons


There are watermelons and watermelons, and ours are simply special. In different sizes and types, they are perfect for diversifying your product offering, especially during the hottest times of the year.

a pile of melons


One of our favourite fruits: not to eat, to sell. Fruit Value melons guarantee excellent quality at the right value and allow us to give you a customised, durable and satisfying solution.

a pile of apples


One of the best-selling and most traditionally appreciated fruits, one of Fruit Value's guaranteed references: our apples will amaze your customers and give you the chance to offer different types of product in different packaging, united by the best selection and quality.

a pile of prunes


We present the Fruit Value plum: fresh, tasty, always controlled and subject to the strictest quality controls. We supply it in different types and in different packaging, always good.

a pile of apricots


When Fruit Value quality meets apricots, it transforms them into an always controlled and selected fruit that is easy to sell.

a pile of tomatoes


Our tomatoes come from the most famous crops and the best production areas in Europe. Vine tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and round tomatoes: packed in bulk or in small pack formats, they are perfect for high value retails and supermarkets.

a pile of bell peppers

Bell pepper

Over the years, we have built valuable partnerships with the best producers of bell peppers: red, green, yellow and orange, they are harvested, checked and packed according to strict quality standards.

a pile of leeks


Our direct growers can supply us with different types of leeks in different seasons of the year: we check them to give you the best and supply them in 5kg and 10kg packs.

a pile of courgettes


His majesty The Courgette: green or yellow, standard shape or round, 200 to 600 g, it is one of the products we invest the most in research and quality control.



Fruit Value can supply celery in different sizes and qualities: from 5kg net bags to large-big bags, each type of product is guaranteed to give you the best value for money in your store

a pile of cucumbers


Cucumbers for all tastes and all stores: our suppliers in this category have been selected and are checked on a seasonal basis with inspections to ensure quality of production and processing.

a pile of eggplants

Aubergine and purple aubergine

We supply different types of aubergines to European supermarkets and shops, supporting them in selecting healthy and wholesome products, guaranteeing the best value for money and intelligently managing their operating costs.



We support the best realities in the supply of quality garlic, grown by our partners in the most sought-after areas. Checked daily and packed in different standard sizes and on request.

romanesco cabbage

Romanesco caggabe

A 'torch' with a distinctive shape and incredible nutritional qualities: we grow, harvest and package the best Romanesco cabbage to supply it to the most ambitious stores.

a pile of broccoli


We supply broccoli of different types and with different packaging shapes, grown by our direct partners. To give your customers the best.

Usual products, new ways

Below we present a selection of the product categories that most represent us: a challenge to freshness, quality and excellence that characterises our everyday work.

From production, to your store.

Controlling all the steps in the supply chain allows the group to guarantee the highest quality and freshness of the product and to support your supermarket with a quality choice.

a person picking fruit from a tree


Through the complete monitoring of certain production phases and the strict control of other partner crops, we are able to start from the first, most important phase.

a group of people working in a factory


From the selection phase to quality control; from packaging to whitelabel management: every step of the process is under the control of our team.

a green and white semi truck


Ensuring maximum efficiency in time management and preserving product freshness: this is the goal of our logistics department.

a blue machine with a stack of boxes

Market presence

Our presence in major European markets allows us to be close to our customers and support them with all the necessary services.

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Your store

Our products become yours, to position your company among the premium companies and to maximise the performance of your store.

Different brands to support your business

Fruit Value has built up several brands over time to position itself in different markets with an excellent value for money product.

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The solidity of an international group, the drive of a lean and innovative company

We have always preserved respect for the land, for our suppliers and for our customers in a series of companies that operate successfully in Italy and Europe. We, as Fruit Value, contribute to making the world of fruit and vegetables more serious and prestigious.

From today with Fruit Value we want to bring new value to the European market, supporting the most ambitious companies in a new business proposition model.

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