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Values without borders

Our values to select, sale and distribute the best fruits and vegetables.

We go to the heart of things, to give you only the best.

We believe in two kinds of approaches to things: one in which you simply look at the surface layer of the things you observe, and one in which you study, analyse, try to feel what is deep inside. Like a fruit that is discovered in its true nature when it is peeled, we believe that the difference lies in the heart of things: that is why we look for it, and find it.

a half of an avocado with a seed inside
a group of tomatoes on a green surface

Our manifesto

Giving our best, doing our best: try to be good people, and give only the best fruit.


Quality of service, quality of product.

Quality of experience and relationship: this is what we mean by being good people and giving you only the best.

a half of a butternut squash

Taking care

Perhaps our most important value: caring for something and someone is the only way to make it grow and sprout. That is why we ‘water’ the tree of caring, because what we are and what we want to become depends on it.

an orange with a green stem


We have a responsibility as professionals and as humans: to the land that gives us these fruits, to the people who enable us to work them, to the customers on whom we depend.

a tomato with a green stem

We try to see beyond the first layer of things.

We always try to give you the best. To look beyond, to see beyond. To take your store into the future

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